Advantages and disadvantages of using high CPC keywords

Where friends are the advantages of using high CPC keywords. There are some disadvantages to this too, let us tell you both its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of using high CPC keywords

Friends, by now you must have understood that there are many benefits of using high CPC paying keywords. If you use high CPC keywords, then your earning gets increased to a great extent, this is the biggest benefit that you can be earning from your Adsense account and it can increase to a great extent.

Friends, if you use High CPC Indian Keywords, then the biggest disadvantage of this is that the competition is very high, so that if your site or blog is still new, then it becomes very difficult for you to rank your article in Google, because If you use High Competitive Keyword, then your blog cannot come on the first page of Google, its chances of coming on the first page of Google are equal.

This means that traffic on your blog from Google and other search engines will be equal to zero and traffic from Google and other search engines are not equal to your revenue.

High CPC Keywords Vs Low CPC Keywords

Friends Keyword CPC is of two types 1. High CPC Keyword and Low CPC Keyword. Friends, if you want to earn from Google Adsense, then you have two ways of earning.

Either you have a Low CPC Keyword but if there is more traffic on it, then you can earn from Adsense.

And the other way, there is less traffic on your blog but if you have a high CPC Keyword, then you can easily earn $ 100- $ 200 + a month from Adsense, but it is very difficult to rank the High CPC Keyword in Google. If you have these skills or your blog is worth it, then you can earn more money in less traffic by ranking your blog on high CPC keywords.


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